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Moreton Pinkney and back

Difficulty: Average
Distance: 18.3 miles / 29.5 km

A ride north to Moreton Pinkney and back via Helmdon. There are a few hills on the route but they are more short and sharp, with a great downhill section before you get to Moreton Pinkney.


  • Start by going up Pavillions Way to Halse Road, before turning left at the mini roundabout towards Halse
  • Proceed along Halse Road, through Halse up quite a steep hill and then down the hill the other side.
  • Continue along the road, turning right towards Greatworth and up the hill and into Greatworth
  • Continue along the road through Greatworth and out the other side, bearing right to head towards the B4525
  • Turn left onto the B4525, followed by a right to head towards Sulgrave direction
  • Follow the road to the end, where you need to turn right, heading in the direction of Canons Ashby
  • Follow the road along up the hill and then back down the hill into Moreton Pinkey
  • Take the right hand turn signposted to Weston, past the stone archway, which will take you onto a short sharp hill
  • Follow the road to the end, where you need to turn left and head into Weston
  • Once in Weston, take the right hand turn onto Helmdon Road and up and out of the village
  • At the end of the road, take a left to head towards Helmdon, where you need to bear right and then over the hump back bridge
  • Continue along the road, up the hill and out of the village, before crossing the B4525, heading back towards Radstone and Brackley
  • Once in Brackley, take the right at the roundabout onto Poppyfields Way until you reach the roundabout with Halse Road, where you need to turn left
  • Continue along Halse Road until you reach the mini roundabout, where you need to turn right onto Pavillons Way and back to the Leisure Centre

Places To Stop

  • The Crown Inn in Weston has some tables outside


Routes and distances are for guidance only. Please follow the rules of the road.