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Water Stratford

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 17.5 miles / 28.2 km

Explore the different counties around Brackley, crossing the borders of Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.


  • From the leisure centre turn left up the hill of Pavillions Way, turning right at the mini roundabout onto Halse Road, following the road round to the left, onto Bridgewater Road
  • Turn left onto Ellesmere Road, following it to the end, then turn right heading towards Northampton Road, before turning left towards the roundabout
  • Enter the roundabout and go almost all the way around it, exiting on Turweston Road
  • Cycle into Turweston, up the hill, following the road out of the village again before reaching the junction with A422. Turn left, heading towards Westbury. Be careful as this road can be quite busy with traffic
  • Once you get to the cross roads in Westbury, turn left and follow the road down the hill, with a steep uphill section
  • Continue on the road until you reach the cross roads at the end, then turn right and right again
  • Continue on this lane and it will eventually reach another crossroads where you turn right, away from Stowe
  • Cross the crossroads, being careful as this road can be very busy, heading towards Water Stratford
  • As you enter Water Stratford, look out for a single track road on the right and take it. This track is quite nice to ride along and cuts the corner from Tingewick
  • The lane will take you all the way into Finmere, where you turn right and continue out of the village
  • Follow this road all the way to Westbury village and back to the crossroads with the A422, where you turn left, heading back towards Brackley
  • Before reaching Brackley, take the right hand junction to Turweston, riding through the village and continuing up the hill back into Brackley
  • Take the first left at the roundabout onto Northampton Road, riding a short distance, before turning right onto Radstone Road, before taking the next left onto Ellesmere Road
  • At the end of Ellesmere Road, turn right onto Bridgewater Road, following it until you reach the mini roundabout and turn left onto Pavillions Way, heading back to the Leisure Centre

Places To Stop

  • Instead of taking the single track road in Water Stratford you can continue on the road to Tingewick, turning right at the end, where you will come to The Red Lion pub


Routes and distances are for guidance only. Please follow the rules of the road.