Brackley North Loop

Difficulty: Average
Distance: 3.3 miles / 5.3 km

This route takes in the north of Brackley, including the newly built estate along Poppyfields Way. This is marked as average due to the long hill of Humphries Drive.


  • Starting at Brackley Leisure Centre, head back out to Pavillions Way, then turn right, heading down hill
  • Continue along Pavillions Way until the mini roundabout and turn right onto Humphries Drive
  • Continue straight through 4 roundabouts and turn right on the fifth (near the rugby club) to continue on Humphries Drive
  • Cross over at the roundabout with Halse Road and onto Poppyfields Way
  • Cross over at the roundabout with Radstone Road to continue on Poppyfields Way
  • At the end of Poppyfields Way, turn right onto Northampton Road and continue until you get to the junction with Radstone Road.
  • Turn right on to Radstone Road and then take the next left on to Ellesmere Road
  • Continue along Ellesmere Road to the end and turn right at the t junction onto Bridgewater Road
  • At the end of Bridgewater Road, turn right onto Halse Road and then immediatley left back on to Pavillions Way
  • Continue downhill along Pavillions Way until you reach the Leisure Centre again

Places To Stop

  • There is a new park area built on Poppyfields Way, Poppyfields Park, that would be a good rest stop after the long climb up Humphries Drive and is about halfway
  • The Chequered Flag is a good place to get some refreshments with quite a lot of outdoor seating available in both the front and rear garden areas


Routes and distances are for guidance only. Please follow the rules of the road.