Brackley Pretzel

Difficulty: Hard
Distance: 8.8 miles / 14.2 km

A series of loops around Brackley, making a kind of knotted Pretzel shape. This route is not for the faint of heart as it contains some of the longest hills in Brackley, including the High Street, Humphries Drive, Valley Road and Buckingham Road.

The good thing about this route is that when you pass the Halse Road / Pavillons Way junction cross over point, you can choose whether or not to do the next loop section depending on how you are feeling.


  • Start at Brackley Leisure Centre and run towards Pavillons Way, turning right, heading down hill
  • Continue to the end of Pavillions Way and turn left to head along Banbury Road
  • Turn left onto the High Street and continue until you reach the junction with Halse Road, opposite the Bell and Greyhound pubs
  • Take Halse Road and continue along, bearing right at the mini roundabout and keep going until you get to Poppyfields Way
  • Turn right onto Poppyfields Way and follow the road, continuing past Radstone Road, until you reach Northampton Road, where you turn right, heading back into Brackley
  • Turn right onto Radstone Road, before turning left onto Ellesmere Road
  • Follow Ellesmere Road to the end and turn right onto Bridgewater Road
  • Turn right at Halse Road and immediately left back onto Pavillons Way
  • Head down the hill and continue all the way to Humpries Drive
  • Continue all the way up Humphries Drive until you reach Halse Road. Turn right at the roundabout on Halse Road and continue back into Brackley
  • Turn right onto Bridgewater Road and continue down the hill, turning right at the end onto Burwell Hill.
  • At the juntion with the High Street, turn left and then right down Valley Road, following the road behind the Church and then down the alley, before turning right onto Montabaur Road
  • Continue onto Roman Way and out to Buckingham Road, turning right to head up the hill and back towards the town centre
  • Turn right at the traffic lights and follow the High Street until you turn left onto Halse Road
  • Follow Halse Road until the mini roundabout with Pavillons Way, turning left to head down Pavillions Way and back to the Leisure Centre

Places To Stop

  • Brackley Park on the High Street(you go past it twice)
  • The zip wire park at the bottom of Pavillons Way / Humphries Drive
  • Poppyfields Park on Poppyfields Way


Routes and distances are for guidance only. Please follow the rules of the road.