Waynflete Loop

Difficulty: Average
Distance: 2.8 miles / 4.5 km

A route starting and finishing on Waynflete Avenue. This route, just under 3 miles long, is a good route to start your training as it is mostly flat or downhill, with the last section on Banbury Road and Westhill Avenue back to Waynflete Avenue the only real uphill section.

I tried this route with the first week of the BBC’s app “Couch to 5k” and it worked well because the brisk walk section at the end of the training plan ended up being the uphill section.


  • Start at the end of Waynflete Avenue, near the school and head to Manor Road
  • Turn left on to Manor Road and continue to the end, bearing left onto Halse Road
  • Continue along Halse Road, crossing over to the other side of the road after the mini roundabout with Pavillons Way as the path on the left disappears
  • Continue along the path, crossing back over the road at the pedestrian crossing before the roundabout with Humphries Drive and Poppyfields Way, turning sharp right and continuing along the side of Halse Road towards Humphries Drive
  • Turn left onto Humphries Drive, following it to Pavillons Way. It is mainly straight at the roundabouts, except the first roundabout where you turn left
  • Once at Pavillons Way, turn right, then cross over on the pedestrian crossing, before continuing right towards Banbury Road
  • Turn left at Banbury Road and head up hill back towards the Town Centre
  • Turn left onto Westhill Avenue, then right at the top onto Waynflete continuing to the end of the road back to where you started from


Routes and distances are for guidance only. Please follow the rules of the road.