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Mixbury loop

Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 7 miles / 11.3 km

This walk starts near Brackley town hall and takes you past Evenley Wood Garden and to the edges of Mixbury, before heading back via Turweston.

I would recommend getting a proper map of the area. I found a handy map of Brackley and the surrounding countryside for sale in The Old Hall Bookshop.


  • Starting near the town hall, walk down Bridge Street to the outskirts of Brackley.
  • Use the traffic lights to cross over the A43 towards Evenley.
  • Follow the footpath uphill until you see the footpath on your left. Take the footpath and go through the gate and into the field of Evenley park, following the footpath uphill towards the track.
  • Go through the gate at the end of the field and cross the track, going through the gate on the other side of the track.
  • About halfway through the field there is a fork in the footpath. Take the left hand turn and walk to another track. Cross over the track and through the gate, following the path across the field and out through the gate the other side.
  • The path heads across a field before heading downhill. The ground at the bottom of the hill was quite soggy when we walked it so take care. The path continues over a small bridge, before heading back uphill and past Evenley Wood Garden.
  • After passing Evenley Wood Garden, the path continues over the track and then continues in the same direction until it reaches Mixbury Road.
  • Follow Mixbury Road towards Mixbury, then take the footpath on your left just after a barn. This path goes through a few fields before it emerges at a track.
  • Turn right on the track and cross over the brigde over the River Great Ouse, heading uphill, eventually reaching the A422.
  • Turn right on the A422 and walk a short distance until you see a gate on the other side of the road. Take care crossing the busy road and go through the gate.
  • Walk through the field and out the gate on the other side and into some small woods. The path bears to the left through the woods and comes to another gate. - Go through the gate and into the field, following the path to the other side of the field and go through the gate.
  • There is a gate ahead and a stile to the left. Take the stile and walk into Turweston, turning right and following the road down hill and past the Stratton Arms.
  • Follow the road over the A43 and back up into Brackley.
  • Turn left at the top of the hill and follow the High Street back to the Town Hall to end where you began.

Places to stop

  • The walk takes you near Evenley, before turning and heading to Mixbury. You could continue along the footpath to Evenley and stop at the Red Lion pub.
  • As you come down the hill through Turweston you pass the Stratton Arms pub.
  • When back in Brackley there are several pubs and cafes along the High Street, including the Old Fire Station Cafe.


Routes and distances are for guidance only. Please follow the rules of the road.