Turweston Aerodrome and near to Whitfield

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 6 miles / 9.7 km

A walk to Turweston Aerodrome where you can stop at The Flight Deck cafe, or carry on into Whitfield to The Sun Inn. Take care when walking in the countryside and be sure to follow rights of way, such as footpaths and bridleways.

I walked this route a few years ago. It was in a booklet I found on the South Northants Council website that contains a selection of other walks also checking out.


  • Start by the Bell and Greyhound pubs on the High Street in Brackley
  • Walk north along the High Street, heading towards the BP garage, but turn right at the roundabout and head down the hill towards Turweston
  • There is a path for part of the way but then the path ends so take care walking on the road. Cross the bridge, over the A43, and continue along until you get to Turweston
  • Walk up the hill, with the Stratton Arms on your right
  • At the top of the hill the main road bears to the right, but take the leftmost road down a single track road. Keep following the road and this will eventually lead to a small track which comes out at the Aerodrome
  • Turn left and follow the road for a short while until you can turn right and cut through the solar farm, coming out with the flight deck cafe in front of you
  • Turn left and walk all the way out of the aerodrome, then look for a footpath that heads towards Whitfield, following the left of the field
  • Cross over the small bridge and past the sewerage works and you will soon be in a farm with the racecourse
  • Bear left and follow the concrete path back in the direction of Brackley, where it will cross a small road near a farm, before continuing downhill and over a small bridge over the river
  • The path will turn left and come to some steps going back up to Turweston Road
  • Once back on Turweston Road, turn right and head back up the hill
  • At the top of the hill turn left and walk back down the High Street to the starting point

Places To Stop

  • The walk takes you past The Stratton Arms in Turweston and it has a pub garden with the river running past
  • There is the Flight Deck cafe at the Aerodrome
  • If you follow the footpath straight and on instead of left along the concrete path you will enter Whitfield. Turn right and follow the path to the main road and you will come out near The Sun Inn
  • The walk ends at The Bell and Greyhound pubs if you fancied some refreshments
  • There is a Jenny’s Cafe just along the High Street if you fancied a breakfast after an early morning walk
  • A bit further down the High Street there is the Skins Cafe


Routes and distances are for guidance only. Please follow the rules of the road.